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Family law can be complicated, frustrating, and you probably have lots of questions. The first step is to simply have a conversation.

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Your mindset has a meaningful impact on the outcome of your family law case. Pursue Happiness® is a disciplined, organized, and thoughtful approach.

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Not sure what to expect from your family law matter? Learn from our decades of experience working on cases just like yours.

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Client Centered & Family Focused

You are a unique individual with a special set of circumstances and needs. The law provides options and we will work with you to choose which option is right for you and your family. We work with you as a partner to continually re-evaluate your legal strategy to ensure we stay focused on your goals and objectives. Learn more about our client-centered approach.

We understand that family law doesn’t just affect you, but it affects all of the people that matter to you most…children, step-children, parents, siblings, friends, etc. Our goal is to transition families in such a way that you can maintain healthy and functioning relationships with the people that matter most. Learn more about our family-focused approach.

How We Work

Whether you are contemplating divorce, second marriage, step-parent adoption, moving out-of-state with a minor child or having a baby as a single parent … you are starting a new journey in your life. These new journeys can be challenging and you need a guide who understands the legal process. Not only do you need a guide who is immersed and experienced in family law, but you want one who is empathetic and understanding of what this journey means to you and your family life. Learn more about how we work.



During divorce couples are asked to make important choices that affect the people and things that matter most in a relatively short period of time. The decisions they make often have lasting, long-term effects.



Paternity is a legal determination of the father of a child. Paternity can be established several ways in Florida depending upon your circumstances.



If you have been through a divorce, paternity or other support matter in the past and now you find yourself in a situation that you cannot continue to keep the previous agreement or Court Order, you may be able to request a modification.