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Lori Caldwell

Lori Caldwell

Brandon Berry

Brandon Berry

At InFocus Family Law Firm, we focus on the needs of you and your family and doing it in a professional, respectful and compassionate way. We don’t just say it, we do it!

We focus on guiding you through life’s transitions by helping you make positive, future-focused decisions about your life. We do this by making these commitments to you.

Our Commitment To You…

  1. Providing you with informed options and alternatives during the entire process of your matter;
  2. Solving your immediate needs but never losing sight of the impact to your future;
  3. Resolving your matter without litigation when possible but being there to vigorously fight for you in court when needed;
  4. Working efficiently to keep your costs reasonable;
  5. Pricing our services so you know what to expect;
  6. Respecting the choices you make.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple. It is all about being Client Centered and Family Focused. Please let us explain a little about what this means and how it affects the services we provide to you.

Our Team

Our Firm has a Family Law Attorney, two Family Law Paralegals and our Office Manager. You can read their profiles below:

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