How We Work


Whether you are contemplating divorce, second marriage, step-parent adoption, moving out-of-state with a minor child or having a baby as a single parentyou are starting a new journey in your life.  These new journeys can be challenging and you need a guide who understands the legal process.  Not only do you need a guide who is immersed and experienced in family law, but you want one who is empathetic and understanding of what this journey means to you and your family life.

Picking a family law attorney and team is unlike picking any other legal professional. In many cases you will be making many life changing decisions and need someone to support you during this time.  Family law often deals with the most important and intimate parts of your life. How you will raise your children? When will you see your child? Where will you live? What will happen to your hard-earned assets? Who will pay the debts?

Our philosophy in working with you involves being Client Centered and Family Focused. Let us explain what exactly that means.