What We Do

Divorce (Dissolution of Marriage)

Our firm provides you with options for transitioning your family through the divorce process from pre-suit offers of settlement, mediation and litigation when necessary.  We offer a variety of uncontested and contested options as well as collaborative divorce.  We give you step-by-step guidance through each option and inform you of the potential risks and rewards for each.  The process of divorce is different for each person.

Parenting Plans / Time-Sharing / Visitation Plans / Custody

We understand that your child(ren) are your most important consideration in family law.  Florida law currently requires that there be a parenting plan either agreed upon by the parents or determined by the court.  These plans are dependent upon what type of a family law matter you have.

We will help you create a parenting plan that is best for you and your children while making sure that any potential issues to your family are dealt with in this written plan.  Future issues are also agreed upon now, minimizing the need to return to court later to settle disputes.

We can also help modify a parenting plan that is already in place.

Child Support Guidelines Calculations

Our firm will calculate Child Support Guidelines according to the standards established by Florida Statutes.  We make sure that you clearly understand how the guidelines are calculated and what factors influence them now and in the future.  Additionally, we will make sure to discuss any other financial issues that may fall outside the scope of child support related to the care and well-being of your minor children.  Please see our Orlando Divorce Information, Paternity Information or Modification Information on our website for more information.

Alimony Calculations

Our firm understands there are situations where spousal support in the form of alimony payments from one spouse to another is necessary.  We will carefully analyze all types of alimony currently available and determine which types are applicable to your personal circumstances.  We will provide you with a full explanation of the types of spousal alimony and what your potential risk and/or reward is for each.  Whether you are considering or going through a divorce in Central Florida or seeking alimony modification in the Orlando area we can help you.

Equitable Distribution

Equitable distribution is a process in divorce cases that allocates how assets (like cars, bank accounts, etc) and liabilities (loans, credit cards, etc) are divided between the two parties.  In the state of Florida judges review equitable distribution worksheets provided by the attorneys but they have broad discretion to determine what is “fair and equitable.  Our goal is to make division of assets and liabilities easy for you to understand. If you are considering divorce in the Orlando area please review the divorce information sections.

We will help you create an accurate equitable distribution worksheet.  This worksheet will then help us to plan for a favorable distribution of your assets and debts.  For those with complex finances, assets or debts, we will discuss if additional professionals may be needed to accurately evaluate values.  You can learn more about this in our Orlando divorce information section.

Child Abduction

Removal of a child from the state of Florida without the approval of both parents is cause for alarm.  Our firm fully understands the resources available on both the state and federal level to move quickly for return of the minor child to Florida.  Read more about Child Abduction and Parental Abduction.

Collaborative Law

Lori Caldwell-Carr is collaboratively trained serving the Orlando area.  Collaborative Law is an option available to all clients and one that will be discussed at the initial consultation.  The collaborative process can be used for any area of family law but it is frequently considered for Collaborative Divorce in Central Florida.


Our firm provides options for establishing paternity in the Central Florida area and for securing the rights of both parents and children through time-sharing and child support plans.

Modifications / Post Judgment Matters

Our firm understands that life creates change.  You may have lost your job or need a change in the time-sharing schedule to accommodate minor children as they grow.  We also know your ex-spouse may not always do what was promised.  Unfortunately, courts don’t know something is wrong unless you ask for help.  We can provide you with options to secure past due support, reduce or increase the child support, or to change a time-sharing schedule.  There are many reasons why previous agreements need to be updated.  Please see our modification information for more detailed information.


We understand that it is sometimes necessary to move to a different area with your children, but the other parent does not agree.  Or perhaps, the other parent is threatening to move with your children for poor reasons.  We will walk you through your options and try to identify solutions that will accommodate you, the other parent and the children.  Whether you need to move for a better job, extended physical and financial family support or an issue related to the needs of the minor child, we will provide you with options and give you a clear risk and reward analysis.  See information about relocation modification pages.

Step-Parent / Close Relative Adoption

Our firm loves to assist in the structuring of new families!  We understand the legal steps to create a new family whether it is one parent transferring their rights to a step-parent or both parents transferring their rights.

And many other services! We can help with other family law matters as well and if you need something we don’t offer, we’ll do our best to get you the names of other well qualified professionals who can help you!