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2022 Increase in Florida Minimum Wage May Change Child Support

The hourly minimum wage in Florida changed on September 30th, 2022 from $10.00 to $11.00 per hour which may impact child support calculations. While it may not sound like a lot, it is a 10% increase in 2022 and if it has been several years since child support was established in your case, the overall […]

Ninth Judicial Circuit Issues Amended Emergency Family Law Temporary Order

The Ninth Judicial Circuit (Orange and Osceola counties) has issued an Amended Emergency Temporary Standing Administrative Order 2020-07-01 signed March 27th 2020. The order addresses urgent family law matters arising from the COVID-19 / coronavirus crisis. The order addresses parental responsibility, time-sharing, emergency motions and hearings, communications, guidance for self-represented parties, and related family law […]

Seminole County Drops Requirement For LIVE Parenting Course

Seminole County has dropped the requirement that parents filing new actions in family law cases such as divorce and paternity, to take parenting course live (instead of online or other method). The parenting course is still required in Seminole County, as it is in all counties in Florida, but Seminole removed the requirement that it […]


Contesting Incorrect Notice of Delinquency from Department of Revenue

If you have recently been ordered to pay child support either through a divorce, paternity action or administrative process (Department of Revenue), you are most likely paying your support to the Florida State Disbursement Unit (FLSDU).   It can be a frustrating and confusing process to try to get help from the court and the Department […]

Paternity – Correcting The Legal Presumption Of The Father

Imagine a story like this…  we met two years ago.  We were both married to other people, but we fell madly in love with each other.  We left our spouses and moved in together.  During that time the woman became pregnant and had a child.  The woman was not divorced from her legal husband at […]