Moving Boxes

If You Move, Change Your Address With The Court!

If you move and you have a family law case in Florida, even if it is closed, you may need to update the court with your latest address. Here are some examples of when you may need to notify the court. Open Cases If your case is open and you have an attorney, your attorney’s […]

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2021 Changes To Family Law Forms

The new year brought some changes to family law in Florida that not everyone noticed! These changes include removing the notarization requirement for several common forms and an increase in documents required for mandatory disclosure. I think most people will find the changes to these family law forms to be a positive change designed to […]

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Litigation Process Explained

Litigation is confusing at best and often scary. We’ve put together a detailed explanation about the 6-step litigation process in family law. Read it if you are involved in a litigated case. The 6-Step Process We’ll Discuss: Pre-litigation – What do you do before you take legal action? Case Initiation – The first step in […]

Getting Divorced “Simply”

There is a special type of divorce in Florida called Simplified Dissolution Of Marriage. It’s quick, easy and inexpensive. In fact, during the twelve months ending June 2020, over 12% of all divorces in Florida were Simplified Divorce matters. Easy, quick, inexpensive… what’s the catch!? It’s only available to couples with no children, no spousal […]

Mother putting face mask on child going to school during COVID-19

Co-parenting Decisions For School During COVID-19

For many people, there never has been a more challenging time to co-parent! COVID-19 keeps changing everything including work, school and daycare. Many schools still haven’t identified final plans even though school is expected to start in just a few short weeks. Making matters more difficult is that parenting plans and the courts never anticipated […]