Typewriter with story being written

What Will Be Your Divorce Story?

A good exercise for those going through, or considering, divorce is to think about what your divorce story will be when it is over. What do you hope to say about the divorce process and results? Some things to think about are: What have you accomplished during the divorce process? Have you maintained positive relationships […]

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The Telephone – A Case To Use It For Saving Legal Costs!

Remember the “good old days when in order to communicate with someone you had to be standing near them or be tethered to a phone on the wall? Today we are blessed with so many more communication options including email and text messaging. They’re great; I use them all the time, but I want to […]

Change In Financial Circumstances During COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak is here, and it seems like a difficult time to speak about money, but this COVID-19 crisis is causing enormous financial strain on many families. Often, legal intervention is needed to obtain resolution. I am going to provide some brief considerations for those who may be facing financial strains in family law […]

Parents and child wearing face mask with virus particals in background

Seminole County COVID-19 Time-Sharing Guidelines

The 18th Judicial Circuit, which includes Seminole County, has issued a significant and comprehensive Administrative Order 20-18 regarding time-sharing with children during the COVID-19 crisis. Some provisions include: How exchanges should occur; What time-sharing schedules should be followed; Video conferencing procedures; Notice that enforcement hearings will not be heard by the court until the Executive […]

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An Alternative To Notarizing Family Law Documents During COVID-19

The Florida Supreme Court suspended the need to have many (but not all) Florida Family Law Forms which are required to be notarized or signed in the presence of a clerk during. Instead of a notarization, a party may include a statement before the filer’s signature: Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have […]