During divorce couples are asked to make important choices that affect the people and things that matter most in a relatively short period of time. The decisions they make often have lasting, long-term effects.

A divorce generally affects the things that we hold most dear:

  • Our financial future as it relates to retirement, paying our bills, keeping our home, etc;
  • Our children’s future as it relates to education, health, religious upbringing and overall well-being;
  • Long-term relationships with those we care deeply about, even those not legally tied to the divorce such as close friends, relatives and in-laws.

Divorce should be taken after careful consideration of the available options, family impact and desired outcomes. Running hastily into or through the process without thought or planning can cause unnecessary damage to relationships (family, children, friends), future assets (house, retirement, etc.) and lost opportunities to start new on the right foot.

We hope this basic information can be used by those facing this process or for loved ones wanting a better understanding of it.

Pre-Planning For Divorce

If you are thinking about divorce, but not yet ready, please read our pre-divorce checklist. It will help prepare if you later decide divorce is necessary.

Understanding Divorce

We are here to help take away the mystery of divorce. Here on our website are lots of useful materials and reference information to give a basic understanding of the law, the process and options available.  Start now by reading about the basics requirements of divorce. We also have links directly to specific topics such as child support, time-sharing and equitable distribution available on the right side of this page.  For those who want to discuss how the laws and options apply specifically to their situation, please contact our office for a consultation.