Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce

A flat fee uncontested divorce is a simple way to divorce with the assistance of an experienced attorney while maintaining control of the cost and outcome. Our service includes drafting the settlement agreement, drafting required court documents, advising you of your legal rights and obligations, attendance at a final hearing (if needed).

This uncontested flat-fee divorce option is appropriate for a party who has reached full agreement, on all terms, with their spouse and the couple expects full cooperation in the divorce process.

We can only provide legal representation for one spouse. Any legal questions by your spouse must be obtained from their own legal counsel if needed.

How Is This Different Than Hourly Full Service?

Often in contested divorce matters you pay by the hourly for the time spent by the attorney. It is common in family law because the time needed to complete a case varies so much from person to person and it is nearly impossible to predict how long a contested case will take.

In our flat-fee uncontested divorce you are paying for an objective – a divorce. It gives you certainty and the risk for extra time spent on the matter shifts to the attorney.

What Does It Cost?

  • $1,800 if there are no minor children
  • $2,500 if there are minor children

What’s Not Included?

  • Any costs or expenses that we have to pay on your behalf. A court filing fee of approximately $413 is required. There is often $10-$20 in postage or other miscellaneous expenses as well.
  • Our flat-fee prices do not include the preparation of any documents that may be needed to transfer ownership. Examples are documents to transfer a house (such as a deed), car (such as a title), military benefits, pensions (such as a QDRO), etc. We can make recommendations for how to obtain these items if they are needed in your situation.
  • Settlement negotiation with your spouse or their legal counsel. This flat-fee option is only for those who have already reached full agreement on all terms. If you need assistance with negotiation we can do that at our hourly rate or we can recommend some mediation options to you.


The first step is to schedule an advice and strategy session with one our attorneys. We’ll explain your legal rights, obligations, options and help evaluate if this uncontested flat fee option may be suitable for your goals and circumstances.

Learn more by reading our frequently asked questions about our flat fee uncontested divorce option.