An Alternative To Notarizing Family Law Documents During COVID-19

Rubber stamp

The Florida Supreme Court suspended the need to have many (but not all) Florida Family Law Forms which are required to be notarized or signed in the presence of a clerk during. Instead of a notarization, a party may include a statement before the filer’s signature:

Notary stamp

Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have read this document and the facts stated in it are true.

There are exceptions of course. It doesn’t apply to the Dissolution of Marriage (divorce) settlement agreements 12.902(f)(1) and 12.902(f)(2) and 12.902(f)(3) which still must be notarized.

The original Florida Supreme Court order AOSC20-17 was effective until April 17th, but then AOSC20-23 extended the effective date. 

This is a benefit for parties with family law cases who may find it difficult to get documents notarized or signed by a clerk during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Paged edited by InFocus team. Last updated July 1st, 2021.