GoToMeeting Quick Start

We use the web platform GoToMeeting to perform video and telephone conferences. If you are new to GoToMeeting, here are some general tips!

Quick Connect via computer or smart phone (using mic / camera)

  • Click the meeting link in the invitation
  • Download App – You will likely be required to download and then install an app. Each browser and computer configuration will be a little different. If you cannot, or do not wish to install the app, you may be connect by telephone or use the web app (see options below).
  • Enter Password – if asked, enter the password from the invitation.
  • Select your Mic and/or Camera option. Click on the “gear” icon if you need to change the settings.
  • That’s it! You should be in the conference!

Quick Connect via telephone

Use this if you just want to call with your phone and don’t need to share documents or see the video portion of the conference:

  • Dial the telephone number in the invitation (it will probably be a long distance number)
  • Enter Access Code from invitation
  • Enter Audio Pin (if you have one). If you don’t, just press #

Connect Without App

Only use this option if you want to connect with a web browser but are unable, or do not wish, to download or install the app. While you WILL be able to view the video conference, there are some limitations by not downloading the app.First, you can NOT use your mic or camera, so you will have to call using a telephone. Second, you cannot share your camera or documents, you can only view what others are sharing.

  • Click:
  • Enter the Meeting ID
  • Dial the telephone (you’ll be given phone numbers here)
  • Enter password (if there is one)
  • You’re connected!

What The Meeting Icon’s Mean…

GoToMeeting Mic IconTurn on/off your Mic (this is on). It is a courtesy that you mute yourself if you are not speaking so there is no distracting noises being broadcast.

GoToMeeting Camera Icon Turn on/off your Video (this is off)

Screen or Document Share (this is off)

GoToMeeting Leave Meeting IconLeave the meeting.

GoToMeeting People IconDisplay people attending and meeting info

GoToMeeting Chat IconChat mode. Usually only used in large meetings.

GoToMeeting Setup IconSetup – You can change your mic, telephone and camera settings here.

GoToMeeting View Settings View settings – here you can change who you are viewing on your screen. It can be different for every participant.

If you run into any questions or problems, please call our office!