Over time, people and circumstances change. If you have been through a divorce, paternity or other support matter in the past and now you find yourself in a situation that you cannot continue to keep the previous agreement or Court Order, you may be able to request a modification.

Likewise, you may be a person who has just received a request for modification from the other parent or ex-spouse and you need to assets the merits of their request.

Generally, modification requests should be due to a significant and “permanent” change.  For example, being unemployed for a few days is not likely going to convince a judge that child support should be reduced or terminated.

Modifications can be complex and each situation is different.  A judge will consider many things when considering modifications.

Examples of Common Modifications

Get Experienced Advice About Support and Time-Sharing Modification

If you have been served with a request for modification or you find yourself in situation that you feel requires a change in a Court Order or agreement that you have previously arranged, please contact us and set up a consultation to meet with one of our experienced attorney’s. In order to provide you with comprehensive options we will need to discuss your matter with you in detail.

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