Examples of Child Support Modification

Here are some examples of when you should contact us to help with child support modification:

  • You are a parent of a child and the other parent is not contributing at all, or enough to help support your child.
  • The other parent has been ordered to pay you support, but is refusing to pay the ordered amount or does not pay at all.
  • If your time sharing with your children has changed significantly (ie, you are either seeing the children quite a bit more or less than you were when the child support was ordered).
  • You or the other parent has experienced a substantial and permanent change in circumstances that affects one or more of the factors that affect child support. For example a change in job or a loss of a job that increases or decreases income, a change in child care expenses or a change in your child’s medical care expenses.
  • Your Child has reached the age of 18 and/or has graduated from high school and your child support Order does not specify an end date.
  • Anytime you have concerns or feel a review of your support and time-sharing arrangement should be reviewed by an attorney.

Get Experienced Advice About Child Support Modification

If you have been served with a request for modification or you find yourself in situation that you feel requires a change in a Court Order or agreement that you have previously arranged, please contact us and set up a consultation to meet with one of our experienced attorney’s. In order to provide you with comprehensive options we will need to discuss your matter with you in detail.

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