If You Move, Change Your Address With The Court!

Moving Boxes

If you move and you have a family law case in Florida, even if it is closed, you may need to update the court with your latest address. Here are some examples of when you may need to notify the court.

Open Cases

If your case is open and you have an attorney, your attorney’s address is used for court notification. However, if you are self-represented (pro se) you need to update the court and the opposing party of your address change or you may miss important notifications and communications which may go to your old address!

Closed Cases

Even if your case is closed, if you are paying or receiving any kind of support such as child support or alimony, or if you have time-sharing with a child, you may also need to update your address. For example, if there are payment or time-sharing issues, the court will typically use the last information you have on file with the court.

We have recently updated our self-help section with a document about how to update your address with the court.