Orange County Clerk Self-Help Office Opens in One Week

Orange County

An exciting new resource will soon be available in orange county for self-represented parties needing help with family law matters!  The Orange County Clerk of Court will be launching a self-help center inside the courthouse to help people with many family law cases (small claims and eviction matters too).  The center is designed to help pro-se parties (those not represented by attorneys) with filling out forms, provide notary and copy services as well as attorney consultations.

Since there are tens of thousands of family law cases active in central Florida, many of which are from parties who pro-se, this will likely be a welcome and well used resource for our community.

A potentially big benefit will be that attorneys are going to be available for scheduled consultations in 15 minute increments for only $60 per hour.  That is certainly a bargain!  I don’t know exactly how that process will work yet, but it appears that the consultations are referred to members of the Orange County Bar Association.

You can visit their website and set an appointment by going to

It looks like you can already setup attorney consultation appointments now.  If you use their service, please give us your feedback!