Seminole County COVID-19 Time-Sharing Guidelines

Parents and child wearing face mask with virus particals in background
Parents with child wearing face masks with virus partials in the background.

The 18th Judicial Circuit, which includes Seminole County, has issued a significant and comprehensive Administrative Order 20-18 regarding time-sharing with children during the COVID-19 crisis.

Some provisions include:

  • How exchanges should occur;
  • What time-sharing schedules should be followed;
  • Video conferencing procedures;
  • Notice that enforcement hearings will not be heard by the court until the Executive Order ends;
  • Notice that some behaviors may be severely sanctioned by the court;
  • Required notification to the other parent if a parent or other household member tests positive for COVID-19;
  • Requirement that parents comply with social distancing and other CDC recommendations.

Anyone with time-sharing orders in place in Seminole county should read and know this order even if things are currently going well.

Be Kind And Cooperate When Possible

Many people are highly stressed, worried and concerned about the safety of themselves and their children. Please try to be kind, cooperative and safe during this time. We hope and pray this crisis will subside soon!

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