Pricing and Billing Options

There are many ways you can hire us to work with you. Not all circumstances are the same and each billing method has its own advantages. We try to offer flexibility in order to work the way you prefer.


Our initial meeting is a Legal Strategy and Planning Session. We spend the time giving specific legal advice to you, not selling you on us. Learn more about a Legal Strategy and Planning Session. Pricing for consultations vary by attorney and are listed on the scheduling page.

Time-Based (hourly) Billing

Fees are billed based on the amount of legal work performed. Traditionally, most family law matters have been billed this way. The benefit is that is common, easy to understand, and you only pay for what is needed or requested.

Our current hourly rates are listed below:

Note: Our rates are fixed once you hire us (we do not raise rates during your engagement with us).

Flat Fee Billing

This is a pre-agreed price to do a fixed scope of work and/or time. The advantage is you know the price and work to be done before you commit to it.

The specific price will still vary from case to case depending upon the expected needs. We do have a few prearranged flat-fees available to many people. Here are some common examples:

  • Divorce
    • Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce: This is for divorcing couple who have reached full agreement on settlement terms and parenting of any children. $2,500 with minor children, $1,800 if no minor children.
    • Filing of divorce agreement and obtaining final judgment: $750 This is for someone who has a fully signed agreement on all marital terms and just needs the divorce finalized with the court. +$250 if attendance at hearing is needed.
  • Flat Fee Uncontested Paternity for $2,500. This is for unmarried parents who have reached agreement on parenting of their minor child(ren).
  • Comprehensive consultation and legal strategy session with attorney Brandon Berry by video conference only $100. Appropriate for family law matters at any stage of settlement or litigation. Some examples of when to use this service:
  • People considering divorce but unsure what the law is, what their rights and obligations are and how the law will be applied to their unique situation.
  • Self represented parties may need legal advice about their situation and need options to move forward.
  • Get a second option about current settlement situation or pending litigation

We can offer flat fee billing on many services that are well defined in work and time. For example, we can offer a flat fee to draft the initial documents for a legal case or to attending a hearing or mediation. In a litigated case, you may have to engage in several flat fee projects to complete a case depending upon the needs and circumstances.

Flat fees do not include costs or expenses and there may be limitations on the scope of work which may vary from case to case. Examples of costs include, but are not limited to, filing fees, mediator fees, process serving and certified mail.

Monthly Subscription / Retainer

A set monthly fee for access to legal counsel within agreed parameters and limits. For example, this may be good for someone who is self-represented (pro se) but wanted to be able to call or email an attorney for help along the way. Your monthly expense is fixed, and you can terminate the subscription at any time.

If you have questions about a billing method you want to consider, please ask us!