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Non-Legal Tools and Education That Can Impact Outcomes in Family Law Legal Services

We believe that the mindset of the party going through a difficult family law case can have a meaningful impact on the outcome. Legal services, especially family law proceedings can be challenging. A disciplined, organized, and thoughtful approach may improve legal outcomes and jump-start successful family transitions. Let us tell you a little more about the Pursue Happiness® program!

Plan, Seek, Become

Organization and planning are critical parts of many family law matters. It is common for people to wait until deadlines to take action only to find out they don’t have enough time, they didn’t thoroughly complete the work, or didn’t allow time for review with their attorney. Proper planning and organization can help you avoid these stressful situations.

Being organized for your family law matter is not hard, but it does take effort. We can help you organize what you need for your family law matter and we think it will be worth your time!

Engage in Your Future

Finances play an important role in many family law cases. But making good decisions in your legal case often involves more than just gathering the minimum information required. Accuracy and big-picture thinking can be critical in making good decisions for your future.

We are compiling some resources, tools and information to help you make good financial choices in family law cases.

Your Wellness Matters

Family law can be highly stressful, emotional, and even physically draining. What makes family law unique is the close personal connection to everyone involved in your legal case. You may be asked to make decisions that deeply impact the people you care about most such as children, extended family and close friends.

Going through a family law matter is unlike anything you have done before. Practicing self-care can help you manage your stress and remain focused. Getting a satisfactory outcome in your case often requires effort, planning and thoughtful help from others!

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Pursue Happiness is our program designed to help you prepare and engage in your family law legal matter. It is still new; please be patient while we build out the information!