Wellness Matters

Getting good results in your family law case usually doesn’t just happen by accident. Even if you have a dedicated lawyer, they will need your full cooperation and focused effort. Let’s discuss some areas of wellness that can affect your family law case!

Emotional Wellness

Family law is stressful and your mental health can plan an important roll in your decisions.

Make sure to get out and participate in your regular activities, listen to podcast, play with your pet, go for a walk and do things that engage all of your senses.

Physical Wellness

Don’t be that person who shows up at a meeting or court hearing tired, angry and with a foggy mind!

A difficult family law case is not the time to stop going to the gym or participating in events with family and friends.

Exercise, adequate sleep and proper nutrition will serve you well inyour family law case!

Financial Wellness

It is easy to let financial health take a back seat during a difficult family law matter. But in fact, now is one of the most critical times to pay attention to your financial wellness. We have a separate section dedicated to finances during a family law case!

Mental Health

Your mental health is absolutely critical during a difficult family law case. Making good decisions requires that you have a clear head and a set of thoughtful goals to accomplish.


We often say that the single best initiative a person can take during a difficult family law case is counseling. This sets the foundation for making good decisions for your future!

Here are some reasons to consider counseling:

  • Be Empowered and Supported;
  • Reduce Stress;
  • Learn Strategies to Communicate With Difficult People;
  • Developing and strengthening family relationships;
  • Learn Strategies To Help Children Thrive.

An experienced counselor or mental health professional, familiar with family law matters can be the needed friendly face to help you make great choices for your future!

Developing and Strengthening Family Relationships

Family law cases can stress relationships with those that matter. You sometimes have to fight hard to build and grow relationships that you value.

A counselor is trained to show you how to create a foundation for a bright future!

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