Orlando Family Law Administrative Orders

Family law standing administrative orders are an order from the chief judge of the circuit court that orders the parties of specific family law cases (such as divorce or paternity) to abide by certain judicial rules.  These administrative orders are usually given to the petitioner upon filing a case and served upon the respondent with the petition.  Parties should obey them as they would any Order from the Court.

Examples of provisions might include not allowing the removal of a spouse or child from insurance coverage or preventing a party from dissipating marital assets.

The purpose of Administrative Orders are usually to lay foundational rules to the proceedings and make the process more efficient.

Here are links to some of the Orlando / Central Florida Family Law Administrative Orders that apply to many family law cases.  Keep in mind that the orders listed below are NOT the only administrative orders out there and each Order is specific to a judicial circuit and type of case (such as divorce, paternity, etc).

Verify Administrative Orders With Your Attorney

Please contact your attorney or the Court to verify which administrative orders apply to your case.  The information here is provided as general information and not as specific legal advice for your case.  Administrative Orders can be added, changed or terminated at any time by the Court.

Common Orlando Area Family Law Administrative Orders

Failure to Obey Standing Administrative Orders

If you do not obey the standing administrative orders of the court a number of things could happen.  First, you may be viewed as uncooperative to the court, judge, attorney’s and other party.  Second, you could could also be held in contempt of court by the judge.