Low Cost Options For Dispute Resolution

Below are some lower cost options available in the central Florida area.  Legal aid clinics and resources are not listed here.  If you are looking for legal aid, please see our family law resource page for a list of legal aid clinics in central Florida.

Barry Law School Collaborative Family Law Clinic.

This is a free resource for those needing help with a divorce or paternity matter.  There are income limits (in 2019 was $42,000 in combined income for a family of 4) and some other restrictions. Call The Barry Law School Collaborative Family Law Clinic at 407-681-5303 for more information!

One Case Collaborative Project

This is a collaborative program structured to offer a predicable fixed fee for the entire process for households with income and assets of less than $100,000.  There are some limitations and restrictions.  This program is offered by members of The Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida Low Fee Divorce.

Orange County Clerk Self-Help Center

A resource for those in Orange County needing help with many types of family law cases.  The Orange County Self-Help Center is located within the Orange County Courthouse (3rd floor).  You can walk-in or call to get procedural help with your case.  You can also schedule time with attorneys by telephone in 15 minute periods (up to 1 hour) by telephone at a low rate ($60 per hour last we checked).

Orange County Bar Free Mediation Service

The Orange County Bar Association Family Law Mediation program is a community service project that provides free mediation sessions.  Mediation length is limited so it may not be ideal for complex matters such as a full divorce, but follow-up mediation sessions are allowed.  This is an excellent resource for parties that have a dispute over limited issues such as a specific time-sharing problem or a property dispute.  There are no income restrictions for using this service.

Courthouse Mediation

Central Florida courthouses offer low cost mediation for family law disputes.  Rules, availability and costs vary by county but they are often a great resource.  Rates start at around $60 per party for a 3 hour session and costs increase based on income (mediation available free for those who are indigent).  Contact your clerk of court where your case is filed to ask about these services.

Florida Bar Free Legal Questions

The Florida Bar manages a website that offers answers to specific legal questions for those in lower income brackets. Visit Florida.FreeLegalAnswers.Org

Orlando Center For Justice

This is a non-profit. They mostly provide immigration, estate and some small business services, but they do provide some limited family law options on a sliding scale. You can visit their website at: www.orlandojustice.org

Florida Courts List Of Local County Resources

The Florida Courts maintain a list of self-help and legal aid sites on their Florida Courts self-help website.