Required Parenting Course

Florida law requires that parties to a dissolution of marriage (divorce) with minor children or to a paternity action that involves parental responsibility be required to complete a court approved Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course.  It is important to understand that the curriculum must be approved by the Florida Department of Children and Families and the local circuit court in order to meet your legal obligation.

In most situations, the course is 4 hours total and completed online. Depending upon whom you take the course from, you can usually complete individual sections and finish later if you need to set it aside (you don’t have to do all 4 hours at one time).

Additional Information and Background on Requirements

Taking The Course Live

It is nice to take a course if you can but they are often difficult to find.  The interaction can provide extra benefit and information to the parent.  You’ll be able to ask questions and receive guidance on things that you may have questions about.

Statewide List of Parenting Course Providers

Orlando Area Parenting Class Providers

Below is a list of specific Orlando parenting course classes we are aware of. Please make sure to verify that whoever you select is on the approved list (above) and the course meets the requirements of the county where your case is filed (discuss with your attorney and/or the course provider if you have any questions or concerns).

Online Courses

Of course, if you are taking a class online, it doesn’t matter where the company is located. Here are a few that were on the statewide list.

Live Courses in Orlando Area

It is becoming harder to find live courses in central Florida. You can view the complete course list (link above). Here are ones we have heard good things about:

  • . Classes often on Saturday in downtown Orlando.  Must call office to register.