Opening Account With Orange County Clerk To Receive Support Payments

Here are the procedures for opening an account with the Orange County Clerk of Court in order to receive support payments (such as child support and alimony).

Steps for Opening the Account

  • Once the Final Judgment has been signed by the judge, you have two options to open your account:
    • In Person:  Visit the Orange County Clerk in person and they will provide the paperwork needed.
    • Mail or Fax:
      1. Go to the Orange County Clerk Child Support website
      2. Click on the section that says “Request Direct Deposit”
      3. Follow their instructions!

Please note, that the clerk’s website says that you cannot use this process for “Department of Revenue Child Enforcement cases.” If you have such a case, please call the clerk for more information.

Process Changes Can Occur

This process changes periodically.  If you have any problems with the process please contact the Clerk of Court directly.

Opening Accounts In Other Florida Counties

If you need to setup your account with another county, just contact the clerk’s office directly (call first to get information).