Updating Your Address With The Court

If you have a family law case in Florida and your mailing address, phone or email address has changed, you may need to update the the information with the court. The information that clerk needs and/or maintains for each will vary from case to case. If you are not sure what might need to be updated call the clerk or discuss with your attorney.

Even if your case is closed, if you are paying or receiving support or have other obligations, you may be required to keep your address updated with the court (read your final judgment and any signed agreements in your case).  Even if you are not obligated to do so, you may want to keep your address current in order to avoid missing notification from the court or the opposing party in your case.

To update your address, you would need to contact the Clerk of Court where your case is filed.  If you are represented by an attorney, the address of record will be for your attorney and your attorney will manage this process for you.

For Open and Active Family Law Cases

The Supreme Court of Florida has an approved form 12.915 used to update your address, phone or email if your case is active.  This form must be notarized and provided to the opposing party.

For Closed Family Law Cases

If your case is closed, here are some helpful links to Orlando and Central Florida area resources to update your address with the Clerk.

Of course, you can always physically go to the clerk’s office and update your information in person!

Additional Suggestions

First, keep in mind the Clerk’s office can and do change their procedure from time to time.  If you follow one of these processes, make sure you follow-up and verify in a few days that your address has actually been changed in the court file (call the Clerk’s office and ask by phone).

Second, be aware that the Supreme Court standard address change form 12.915 as well some Clerk of Court’s forms require that your request be notarized.  If you are unsure, please contact the Clerk’s office directly.

Other Entities To Update

If you are paying or receiving payments from the Florida State Disbursement Unit (FLSDU), you should also update your address and other contact information with them. Their customer service number is: 1-877-769-0251.

If you have a Florida State Department Of Revenue case, you should also update them.

Questions, Concerns or Problems?

Call or email our office.  We try to keep this page updated but process change and often different people at the Clerk’s office may recommend different procedures.