Moving Boxes

If You Move, Change Your Address With The Court!

If you move and you have a family law case in Florida, even if it is closed, you may need to update the court with your latest address. Here are some examples of when you may need to notify the court. Open Cases If your case is open and you have an attorney, your attorney’s […]

Change In Financial Circumstances During COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak is here, and it seems like a difficult time to speak about money, but this COVID-19 crisis is causing enormous financial strain on many families. Often, legal intervention is needed to obtain resolution. I am going to provide some brief considerations for those who may be facing financial strains in family law […]

Sign that says alimony laying across money

Can An Increase In A Payor Spouse’s Income Justify An Upward Modification Of Alimony?

We are sometimes asked whether an increase of a paying spouse’s income may form the basis for an increase in alimony to the recipient. As with many questions arising in family law, answering this one requires analyzing the case specific details and applying a dose of judicial discretion.  The following is a summary of how […]

Alimony Reform in 2014

Alimony reform in Florida appears to be on hold for 2014.  The pressures of an election year seem to have taken a toll on those seeking significant alimony reform this  year.  Supporters of reform however are not likely to give up and the issue may be coming back in future legislative sessions.


Impact of FSA and 401(k) deductions on Alimony Calculations

A recent Central Florida case was heard by the District Court of Appeals which determined that a trial court erred by allowing the cost of contributions to a 401(k) and a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to be deducted from the former wife’s income for the purposes of determining available income for alimony. Calculation of alimony […]