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Requesting Sale of House in a Divorce

For many couples, the martial home is the only significant asset of the marriage.  This can make dividing assets complicated in a divorce if one party wants to keep it for themselves.  A recent divorce (dissolution of marriage) case from the Jacksonville area was appealed in part because at the time of divorce, the judge […]

Valuing Tools in Equitable Distribution in Divorce

A recent Florida district court of appeal’s (DCA) case (1D13-792) reversed a decision by a judge to value a couple’s tools at $20,000 during a divorce (dissolution of marriage) case. Although this case is about tools, other divorcing couples may face similar circumstances with other assets such as jewelry, collections, guns, cars or many other […]

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Impact Of A Non-Compete Agreement In Business Valuation During Divorce

For business owners going through divorce, the value of the business is often a source of contention for the two parties.  The value of goodwill is always debatable, even if you are selling a business to a 3rd party that has no involvement in the divorce matter.  A recent Florida Court of Appeals case (Schmidt […]

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Is Jewelry A Marital Asset During Divorce?

I look at people’s financial situations during divorce cases every week.  One area that couples going through divorce can easily create financial errors at, is evaluating jewelry.  Sometimes that is to your benefit and sometimes not.  But it is important that you understand how the law views jewelry in a divorce matter and evaluate your […]