Telephone handset with speach waves

The Telephone – A Case To Use It For Saving Legal Costs!

Remember the “good old days when in order to communicate with someone you had to be standing near them or be tethered to a phone on the wall? Today we are blessed with so many more communication options including email and text messaging. They’re great; I use them all the time, but I want to […]

Financial Planning In Family Law

Financial planning plays an important role in many family law cases. But making good decisions in your legal case often involves more than just gathering the minimum information required. Accuracy and big-picture thinking can be critical in making good decisions for your future. Here are some common areas you may need good financial planning in […]

Bag of money sliced into budget sections

Family Budgeting During Divorce

Divorce can be difficult even in the best of circumstances. One of the common challenges I see clients face is dealing with the household budget during divorce. In my experience, people who proactively budget during a divorce can help create a better outcome for themselves. These outcomes are a result of planning, spending intentionally and […]