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What Will Be Your Divorce Story?

A good exercise for those going through, or considering, divorce is to think about what your divorce story will be when it is over. What do you hope to say about the divorce process and results? Some things to think about are: What have you accomplished during the divorce process? Have you maintained positive relationships […]

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How To Set Goals In Your Family Law Case

I’ve written previously about WHY goal setting in your family law case is important, this post is going to help you define HOW to set them. First understand that this process does not need to be complicated or time consuming! The process of thinking through important aspects of your case and identifying and prioritizing them […]

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Setting Goals In Your Family Law Case — Why It Matters

I believe that identifying goals in your family law case and sharing them with legal professionals helping inyour case may lead to better outcomes. First, I am going to talk about why, then we’ll discuss in another post about how to actually set goals for a family law legal case. Here are some of the […]