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Seminole County COVID-19 Time-Sharing Guidelines

The 18th Judicial Circuit, which includes Seminole County, has issued a significant and comprehensive Administrative Order 20-18 regarding time-sharing with children during the COVID-19 crisis. Some provisions include: How exchanges should occur; What time-sharing schedules should be followed; Video conferencing procedures; Notice that enforcement hearings will not be heard by the court until the Executive […]

Ninth Judicial Circuit Issues Amended Emergency Family Law Temporary Order

The Ninth Judicial Circuit (Orange and Osceola counties) has issued an Amended Emergency Temporary Standing Administrative Order 2020-07-01 signed March 27th 2020. The order addresses urgent family law matters arising from the COVID-19 / coronavirus crisis. The order addresses parental responsibility, time-sharing, emergency motions and hearings, communications, guidance for self-represented parties, and related family law […]

Virtual Parenting Time During An Emergency

We are facing a time like no other with the Coronavirus looming over us. I have received many calls recently asking me if the COVID-19 outbreak will have any effect on their time-sharing with their children.  From a legal perspective most time-sharing schedules don’t consider what might happen during a pandemic; who was expecting this?! […]

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Tips For Stress Free Summer Time-Sharing

I know it is early, but now is the time for families who are co-parenting to start thinking about summer time-sharing. It’s common for parenting agreements to have provisions that require notifications to each other in advance of vacations or to get approval for camp, school or other activities. There may also be additional shared […]

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PLANNING: The Secret To Stress Free Summer Time-Sharing

I know it’s early, but I wanted to share what I believe to be the key to a stress-free summer time-sharing schedule which is to plan in advance!  Why you might ask? First, keep in mind that kids can become stressed about what their summer schedule will be and they often start talking to friends […]